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Dank Vapes” is a brand of THC oil cartridges that have been sold on the black market in the U.S. These cartridges isnt legally produced and are not subject to any regulatory oversight, so their contents are unknown and potentially dangerous. Authentic dank vapes online Iceland , Vapes delivery Online Reykjavík, Buy thc vapes carts Kópavogur.

There have been numerous reports of people sick or even dying after using black market THC cartridges, including Authentic Dank Vapes. The cause of these illnesses is not always clear. But they have been linked to the presence of vitamin E acetate, a thickening agent that can cause lung damage when inhaled.

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Any THC cartridges purchased from the black market or other unregulated sources may contain harmful contaminants and should be avoided.

Its always safest to purchase cannabis products from licensed dispensaries and to use them as directed by a physician

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