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Balanced Hybrid % Sativa / 55% Indica

Buy Lemonder strain online Lemonder weed for sale buy Lemonder online Florida Lemonder is a hybrid leaning on the indica side that came to be through a three way cross of OG Kush, Lemon Haze, and Lavender. This strain induces mental alertness and clarity, while relaxing the entire body. Lemonder possesses a flavourful aroma, akin to fresh lemon peels, with notes of earthy spice and pine. Best enjoyed throughout the day, Lemonder immediately brings about moderate cerebral euphoria – that uplifts mood and promotes creativity and mental focus. As this strain makes depression and anxiety a thing of the past, the body slowly begins to unwind and relax. A warming sensation spreads throughout the body – eventually leaving the user in a carefree, blissfully relaxed state, that stimulates appetite. Lemonder has been used to treat a wide range of medicinal conditions including chronic stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain due to inflammation, insomnia, lack of appetite / eating disorders, and migraines.

Buy Lemonder strain online Lemonder weed for sale buy Lemonder online Florida

This strain smokes similar to a talented OG Kush. This strain has been very versatile in both its physical appearance and it’s flavor profile. While the smell is a sweet citrus with floral undertones the smoke actually resembles OG with a diesel aftertaste. This strain encourages a blank stare off into the distance as you catch up to your new fluent train of thought.

The high is balanced in both its approach and how it settles. The sativa carried over from the OG Kush encourages unique ideas and promotes a stimulating conversation. If desired, the ‘up’ of the sativa can be coerced to drown in the euphoric body high. I struggled to tie my thoughts to words as the pleasurable Lemonder high coursed through my body.  The warming body high neutralizes any discomfort from intermittent coughing fits. Some coughing is brought on by the pungent citrus-diesel essence on the exhale.

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Lemonder is a complex strain with a misleading odor. The light citrus smell invites you into a formidable smoke. This strain smokes like an OG Kush and should be sought out by any Kush fanatic. I am still unsure of what role Lavender played in the profile, I will have to seek some out to isolate its qualities. This indica-dominant hybrid is by far the best one I have encountered from Seattle’s Private Reserve so far.Shop Now 





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